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Acme Solvent Reclaiming, Inc.  Site

NES is the Technical Manager and O&M contractor at the Acme Solvent Reclaiming, Inc. Site (Acme Site) near Rockford, Illinois, for the Acme Solvents RD/RA Group. NES’ responsibilities include sampling; reporting; budgeting; invoicing; regulatory agency negotiations; operating and maintaining the remedy components; and maintaining the grounds and security of over 20 acres.  NES teams with a local firm to provide O&M services.  NES provides the “brains” for the data interpretation, reporting, regulatory agency negotiations, and overall remedy optimization. The local firm provides the “brawn” to conduct routine maintenance of the water treatment plant, maintain the roads and fencing on the 20-acre site, and collect groundwater quality and SVE discharge air samples.

At Acme, NES managed all aspects of the remedy design and implementation of the $17M remedy.  Remedy components included an alternate water supply for nearby residences; a groundwater extraction well field; a water treatment plant; Solvent Vapor Extraction (SVE) system; off-site destruction of the Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) sludge; on-site low temperature thermal stripping of 7,000 tons of PCB and VOC contaminated soil; and stabilization, transport, and off-site destruction of 8,000 gallons of PCB and VOC sludge.  Every consent decree-mandated deadline was met or exceeded and the project was implemented on time and on budget. NES successfully demonstrated that VOCs in bedrock met Site cleanup standards and eliminated the Record of Decision (ROD) mandated Bedrock Vapor Extraction system through an Explanation of Significant Difference.  NES organized and conducted contact and negotiation with state and federal agencies, local citizens, and media representatives.

What’s New?

The SVE remedy component successfully treated the VOC-affected soil and the system has been turned off. Consistent with the ROD, the groundwater extraction and treatment system is now being operated in a pulse mode in an effort to allow aquifer equilibration and encourage adsorbed contaminants to partition into groundwater.

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