NES believes strongly that the opportunity to provide a service includes a responsibility to produce a deliverable that meets the needs of our clients in a cost effective manner.  To accomplish this, good communication with our clients is emphasized to maximize operating efficiency and minimize the possibilities of budget and schedule overruns.  Our excellent record in this area is attributable to communication with clients as well as our extensive experience in the projection of cost and time requirements for a variety of environmental programs.  NES projects are planned and tracked with the aid of sophisticated project management programs.  These programs allow efficient management of tasks, resources and budgets and also provide graphic displays for tracking progress.

The working philosophy at NES places a high priority on the involvement of all staff in every aspects of a project.  We feel strongly that a well planned and supervised project that considers future data requirements as well as immediate needs can largely avoid costly additions and schedule overruns that are commonly encountered.  Projects involving field elements are directly supervised by senior professional staff who have extensive field experience.  We believe that, to obtain reliable data interpretation, it is essential to collect accurate, representative data, and for senior staff to be involved in the data collection.  NES places the highest priority in providing clients with sound scientific interpretations based on reliable, well-documented data which is legally defensible and will withstand scrutiny by regulatory agencies. 

NES believes that in order to provide our clients with the best service possible, a company must hire highly qualified individuals and then provide them with the support and continued training they need.  Management and analysis of data is efficiently handled using NES in-house computers and data management programs.  NES has and continues to develop strong capabilities in data interpretation including the use of computer modeling of ground water flow, contaminant transport, and surface water flow prediction.  The importance of staying on the cutting edge of a rapidly advancing technical field is recognized and the education and awareness of our personnel is promoted.

Cost consciousness is a primary consideration in all of the services we provide for our clients.  We believe that the detailed experience of our employees working in technical staff and management positions within Fortune 500 companies such as ARCO and Ford allows us to evaluate alternatives and provide the scope of services that best serves the interests of our clients.  The overall objective being to perform the services that meet the needs of the client in a cost effective manner.