Bay Drums Superfund Site

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Bay Drums Superfund Site

At the Bay Drums Superfund Site (Site) near Tampa, Florida, NES served over five years as Technical Adviser for the Bay Drums PRPs for all technical matters. Responsibilities included advising the PRPs on all technical issues, meeting and negotiating with EPA, oversight of field activities, interpretation of site data, evaluation of remedial objectives and possible remedial actions, and representation of the Bay Drums PRPs at meetings with representatives from the adjacent sites.

NES served as the technical advisor for the Bay Drums PRP Group for activities at the Site and the adjacent Peak Oil and Reeves Galvanizing Superfund sites. In this capacity, NES provided technical oversight of all field activities. At the Site, NES has provided oversight of EPA’s contractors during emergency response removal actions and during performance of the source control RI/FS. NES reviewed EPA’s contractor’s work products, prepared independent analyses and provided comments to EPA. NES worked with the PRPs to negotiate remedy components during preparation of the FS and Record of Decision.

NES participated in negotiations with the EPA regarding the groundwater control aspects of the preferred remedy at the site, which was complicated by the fact that EPA had combined three separate, but adjacent, sites into one groundwater operable unit.

It was necessary for NES to discern the identifiable affects to groundwater from each site and represent the Bay Drums PRPs in negotiations both with the EPA and with the PRPs from the other two sites. The primary focus of the Bay Drums site is chlorinated solvents contamination of the shallow groundwater system and potential contamination of a deeper aquifer by pre-existing poorly completed potable water wells. Remedy elements included the excavation, stabilization, and placement of shallow soil on-site under a clay cap, and wetlands reconstruction and monitoring.

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