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Cost Allocation Projects

Coffeyville Industrial Site – Coffeyville, KansasNES provided technical support and cost allocation services to a defendant in a CERCLA cost recovery litigation at the Coffeyville Industrial Facility in Coffeyville, Kansas. NES prepared for expert testimony concerning the expected cost of the remedy for the site, and the extent of contamination in groundwater and soils at the industrial complex. Prior to settlement, NES coordinated all technical data analysis and prepared the necessary exhibits for trial.

Combustion Inc. Site – Baton Rouge, Louisiana – NES analyzed the cost allocation system in use by the Combustion Inc. PRPs for reasonableness and applicability to the situation of a small group of PRPs being sued in a cost recovery action. NES was able to help the Combustion Inc. PRPs successfully defend their allocation system and reach a fair and equitable settlement with the recalcitrant PRPs.

Confidential Client – NES provided technical litigation support services to the defendant in a cost recovery case involving a damaged petroleum pipeline and release of product in southeastern Colorado. NES evaluated the appropriateness of the emergency response and remedial actions taken and proposed, compliance with regulations, the costs incurred and projected, and determined the amount of product lost by the plaintiff. Prior to settlement, NES assisted counsel in preparing for trial and preparing expert testimony.

Forest Waste Site – Genessee County, Michigan – NES served as an allocation consultant to a PRP at this site in its cost recovery action against a number of recalcitrant PRPs. NES reviewed the allocated share of our client to determine if it was fair and reasonable.

Hardage-Criner Superfund Site – Lindsay, Oklahoma – NES provided expert witness testimony regarding the reasonableness and necessity of PRPs response costs along with the consistency of those costs with the NCP.

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