Hassayampa Landfill Superfund Site

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Hassayampa Landfill Superfund Site

NES is the Project Manager for the Hassayampa Landfill Superfund Site (Site) outside Phoenix, Arizona.  NES manages all aspects of the remedy implementation for the Hassayampa Landfill Superfund Site Steering Committee (HSC).  NES’ responsibilities include managing subcontractors; managing hazardous waste manifesting and reporting; managing technical aspects of the remedy; and regulatory agency negotiations.  

The Site is an inactive disposal site in the desert about 40-miles west of Phoenix, Arizona.  In the late 1980’s hazardous wastes were disposed of in a series of unlined pits for about 18-months.   Early investigations identified volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil, soil vapor and groundwater.  An initial phase of remedial actions was conducted in the mid-1990s, including the construction of a geo-membrane cover over the hazardous waste disposal area, the construction and operation of a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system, and the construction and operation of a groundwater pump and treat system.  The SVE system was operated intermittently from 1996 until 1998.  Operation of the groundwater pump and treat system began in 1994 and continues today.  In its dual role as Project Manager and Chairman of the HSC, NES is responsible for day-to-day management of O&M activities; negotiating remedy issues with regulatory agency staff; providing community relations support; assisting the HSC to develop and update remedial action strategies to improve performance of existing remedy components; oversight of technical consultants and all O&M operations; administration of all HSC financial matters and trust fund management; and implementation of administrative functions for reporting and record keeping.

What’s New?

Since the SVE system was re-started in the first quarter of 2006, over 90-tons of VOCs have been removed from the subsurface and sent off-Site for destruction.  From just prior to SVE re-start in March 2006 to current conditions, there has been a substantial decrease in the subsurface soil vapor VOC distribution. This is best illustrated in the following figures.

2006-1 fine-grained-zone.png 2013-1 fine-grained-zone.png


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